The Stargate is a place in Cray where visitors from other worlds can relax some competitive feats in the Nova Grapple.

Protect Cray from invaders who wish to do harm to others through space to hunt down the crime syndicate and bring them to justice the the Dimensional police. When the dust settled between the fighting of the Dimensional Robos and the dreaded destroyer of worlds Zeal. Many citizens had lost their jobs and homes. The construction crews could no longer stand by and watch all the destruction and upgraded themselves to be the new heroes of Cray the Metal Borgs.

Link Joker the slave to the Void. Going from planet to planet like a virus with the power of infinity has the ability to control with "LOCK"


  • Nova Grappler
  • Dimension Police
  • Etranger
  • Link Joker


Class Head: RoxasXSora