Welcome to the Magallanica Class!Edit

Magallanica is an island nation within the Planet Cray where the terrain is mostly made up of bodies of water. The forces of this nation, even the cutest of the mermaids, are not to be trifled with, unless you really want to die painfully. 


There are the harbingers of true justice, the Aqua Force, the army of the walking ranks of the dead, the Granblue, and the ever-charming sirens of joy and love, the Bermuda Triangle. Do you have what it takes to master any of these clans? You won't know until you try.


Class Head: Cadeton

  • Roxasofmalice
  • SilentObsidian

Intro Edit

Basically the Magallanica is based on three sides the Granblue, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Aqua Force now you have to pick on one of the following if you picked already ill give you a trial deck based upon the clan you picked OK

Trial Deck Demetrius ~ This deck is for people based on naval (sea based) militaries AQUA FORCE this deck is about swapping units this deck is for people who want to join the calvalry

Trial Deck Meer ~ This deck is for lots of harmonic users amplifying sounds of love so if you love diva's and duo's come on this way

Trial Deck NightMist ~ This is a deck for the mates of the lost soul known as Granblue

Lessons Depending on Deck but you must pick a deck first Edit

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